Our Charter

Developed December 2015

InterEnergy represents the LGBT network, staff and allies of energy companies, energy related companies and numerous service providers of the associated companies in the UK. Membership is free and open to all those who work in the energy (Utilities and Oil & Gas) and commodities industries (production marketing and trading), and supporting partners (consultancies, legal, technology providers, service providers as well as customers that are major energy consumers).

The aim of InterEnergy is to:

  • Create and maintain an open and inclusive, non-political, forum for LGBT employees and those supportive of LGBT issues from a diverse range of companies in the UK to meet and progress issues impacting LGBT employees in their day-to-day work environment.
  • Provide mechanisms such as co-hosting and cross company invitations to create a critical mass for member companies to enable employees to attend meaningful LGBT focused networking events and support members to establish LGBT inclusion initiatives within their companies.
  • Give credibility to individuals working within their own companies as part of a professional and strong network, InterEnergy to enable them to make tangible progress on issues facing the LGBT community.
  • Enable the sharing of best practices between the employee networks of the member firms so as to assist them in cultivating an environment that is inclusive and supportive of the full diversity of all employees
  • Promote education and awareness of LGBT issues within member companies.
  • Increase visibility of LGBT issues within and outside the InterEnergy network
  • Provide the diversity and inclusion business case for member companies to leverage
  • Recognize the role of, and engage, allies as having an important voice and being advocates for InterEnergy. Foster the knowledge sharing and support of the ally programs in each company
  • Provide a forum which member companies can leverage for developing an appropriate collective response to LGBT issues that benefits each of the member firms and reflects positively on the global energy industry’s commitment to LGBT inclusion as an essential strand of diversity
  • Promote and encourage networking opportunities for the employees of member firms through the formal network in addition to 4 to 6 networking events per year that are open to the InterEnergy network and invited guests.


  • The InterEnergy forum will be run by co-chairs, attended by key representatives from each organisation
  • Co-Chairs will be rotated on annual basis, nominated at the annual dinner. In the event of more nominations co-chair positions then selection will be by ballot, with votes cast by the company representatives at the dinner and straws drawn in the event of a tie.
  • It is suggested that 2 co-chairs be assigned, one from an energy (Utility) company and one from one of the supporting partners (consultancy, legal, tech, service providers).
  • It is suggested that the co-chair position rotates round all the member companies to ensure fair representation unless a company opts out.
  • Once assigned, they will take over ownership of key activities for the InterEnergy group including:

  1. Scheduling & Running  quarterly calls as agreed by this charter and any additional calls as required
  2. Maintenance of the Inter-Energy Charter which should be reviewed annually
  3. Ownership & Maintenance of the InterEnergy distribution list which is to include nominated representatives from each organisation
  4. Organising the Annual InterEnergy dinner
  5. Providing ongoing support to our existing InterEnergy partners ensuring the roadmap of activities is achievable and is maintained and reviewed regularly
  6. Coordinating meetings and providing support to individual events as required, they are not necessarily required to organise individual events.


  • Individuals nominated for this position represent their company on the InterEnergyforum, and where appropriate is to some extent known within their company as a network representative of InterEnergy and/or someone working towards LGBT inclusion within their company
  • Can be LGBT or ally. Ideally the composition of representatives across InterEnergy will reflect the diversity of society in general (gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion, etc)
  • Are interested in moving LGBT Inclusion forward within their organisation, and looking for support from InterEnergy to do so
  • Will help shape the charter, events and impact of InterEnergy through attending scheduled meetings (about 6 per year)
  • Are committed to building out the network, and supporting others in the oil and gas and allied industries to do the same
  • Where appropriate, will build support within their organisation to host and sponsor a key networking event
  • In the event that a representatives cannot forum meeting ideally they will send a stand-in and let the meeting co-chairs know in advance
  • InterEnergy acknowledges that network representatives will have varying degrees of support from their company’s leadership, and that network representatives will contribute to the aims of InterEnergy to the best of their capability as allowed by their companies and the roles they hold within their company.  


InterEnergy network members come from both LGBT and Ally population and are employed by companies falling under the definition as applied in this charter. They will be identified by the Network representatives from each member company and will join the InterEnergy distribution list for event invitations as well as information that the network representatives feel is important to distribute more widely in the endeavor of sharing best practice. They can also come from companies that do not have a network representative by contacting the network co-chairs requesting they be added to the distribution list.

The aim is that the majority of network members fall under the InterEnergy definition, but we do not wish to be exclusionary and are open to all who support the aims of LGBT inclusion. A distribution list will be held centrally, this will be the responsibility of the co-chairs to maintain for 1 calendar year.


The forum will aim to create at least 1 key event per quarter hosted and supported by a different company(ies) each time highlighting a relevant topic of its choice. Hosting company(ies) will generally sponsor the initiative, organizing the event logistics with all member organizations actively involved in the communications. Invitations may contain logos of hosting and supporting company(ies) if the hosting company(ies) wish to do so (as approved by them through their own internal channels), or can be logo free. All invitations must include the InterEnergy logo.


Each member company will be considered to have an equal voice and accountability to progress the goals of the network. The network will have about 6 meetings per year.


The Network will be guided by the following key principles in the way that it conducts its business:


All minutes of Network meetings will be non-attributable to individuals, and where appropriate it will not be possible to identify work areas through examples provided.


The purpose of InterEnergy meetings is to discuss the Diversity and Inclusion initiatives around LGBT.  In order to ensure compliance with competition laws, discussions shall relate solely to that purpose, and no party shall disclose any information relating to its own activities that could be considered competitively sensitive. Competitively sensitive information includes non-public information about that party regarding specific pricing policies, commercial strategy, future output/production volumes, planned investment or planned shut downs. Meetings will have agendas and minutes and be open to all representatives.


Safe Space

Care and attention must be given to creating a safe space for events organised and supported by InterEnergy by having effectively communicated and adhered to attendance protocols. InterEnergy shall develop a set of safe space protocols for events to ensure there is respect, inclusion, confidentiality and no discrimination. If safe space is not available for an event, this must be made clear to invitees. InterEnergy will also create some events where participation can be undertaken anonymously such as conference calls and webinars.

Openness & Honesty

It is the intention that the network meetings will be informal, and will enable all individuals the opportunity to contribute fully to discussions and the work of the network. Expectations around progress should be reasonably in line with the priority of particular issues raised. Facilitation will be informal and will support open and honest debate around all issues. Openness and honesty is required to ensure that any actions following network meetings are appropriate and accurate.


Different views, opinions and approaches within the Network will be respected and valued. In addition, the council will support reasonable alternative arrangements for supporting individuals to fully participate in the Network.


Network membership is voluntary. However it should be noted that Network Representatives as well as representing themselves, are representing the views, opinions and experiences of their organisations. Network representatives will be more effective if there is a strong commitment to attending all meetings and official events, as well as delivering on agreed actions.

External Communications

No one from InterEnergy can talk to any media or publish any information onInterEnergy on social media unless sanctioned by a 2/3 majority of the InterEnergy group and permitted by that individual’s policies on communication. Generally if InterEnergy invites and circulars are sent to network representatives, they should only be forwarded to their own company’s allies and LGBT distribution list. InterEnergy may build an invite list for events to people external to the network, but this list must be transparent and signed off by the network representatives.